This contract is between CTR DRIVING SCHOOL and the student:

Student's Name:

First name
Last name

CTR Driving School agrees to provide the following Service{s):

  • Full Course: 10 Hours ln-car training and 15 Hours Theory
  • ln-car Training only
  • Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

The fee payable for the course is $

Use of Driving School Vehicle for Basic Road Test $70+GST
Advanced Road Test $90+GST

The School and the student/parent/guardian agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Behind the wheel instruction is conducted by appointment only and the student will be charged a rate of $50.00 service charge for an appointment
he/she does not meet unless the School is given at least 24 hours notice. The student must have finished the classes within 90 days (In car session) and within 60 days (classroom/online session) from the date of registration. After 90 days your program will be terminated.

2) A notice of Driver Education Course Completion Certificate will be issued for the students who achieve a minimum score of 80% for the theory written examination and 75% for the ln-Vehicle Evaluation.

3) Students are required to attend 15 hrs. in classroom lessons at CALGARY DRIVING SCHOOL or online at “A” DRIVING SCHOOL.

4) We can provide a certificate within 2 years from the course registration date. To re-issue the certificate $50 fee will be charged.

5) $120 will be charged for 2 hr session and $100 will be deductible for a classroom session (you finish or not) in case of refund. After 30 days no refund or exchange.