Basic Program


Includes defensive driving and collision avoidance techniques, as well as skill and control and rules of the road. Learn all techniques for winter driving.


15 Hrs Class: Traditional class is at 122-1518 Centre St N Calgary, Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

Online class: Fleet Safety International/”A” Driving School.

Once the Registration and payments are completed, we will enroll you immediately for the online session.


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Price varies for NE, SE & SW areas.

Price Comparison: AMA                       Driving 101                   Crowfoot Driving    Our Price

Class 5 GDL:              $869/969            $700 to 755+GST             $640-650                $650.0+GST

Class 5 no Certificate:         ?               $510 to 565+GST             $555                      $550+GST

Refresher 2 hrs :          $189                  $120+GST                         $120                      $120+GST


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